Chery Malaysia reaches out to Omoda 5 owners affected by rear axle issue

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Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1715677886439 Smart3+%2825%29A faulty weld was discovered in the rear axle of some Omoda 5 models. This issue stemmed from a miscalibration error during a routine equipment upgrade at a parts supplier. While only 60 units were confirmed to have the defective part (produced on August 15, 2023), Chery Malaysia proactively expanded the recall to encompass a wider timeframe (August 14-17, 2023) for a total of 600 vehicles.

What Did Chery Malaysia Do?

  • Proactive Recall: They issued a recall for the affected vehicles, encompassing not only confirmed cases but also potentially impacted units.
  • Contacting Owners: Chery Malaysia has successfully contacted all 60 owners of the confirmed defective vehicles and scheduled appointments for replacement axles at authorized service centers.
  • Wider Inspection: The remaining 540 vehicles are undergoing detailed inspections to ensure their safety.
  • Transparency: Chery Malaysia has been transparent in communicating the issue, its cause, and the steps they are taking to rectify it.

What Should Omoda 5 Owners Do?

Check for VIN: If you own an Omoda 5 produced between August 14-17, 2023, visit the Chery Malaysia website or contact their customer careline to verify if your vehicle is part of the recall.

Schedule Inspection: If your car is affected, Chery Malaysia will contact you to schedule a free inspection and replacement of the rear axle, if necessary.

Looking Forward

Chery Malaysia's commitment to customer safety is evident in their handling of this situation. By taking prompt action and prioritizing clear communication, they are working to ensure the continued satisfaction of their Omoda 5 owners.

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