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Frequently Asked Questions

Please give us 24 hours to deliver your car valuation.
We put your car through our in-housing bidding system to help you find the highest valuation for your vehicle. With over 320 used car dealers in our system, competition is often fierce and they will need to give their highest or best offer to outbid one another. Once the bidding is complete, we will deliver the highest valuation for your car. Whether you’re selling a Toyota, Honda, Kia or Hyundai, Motorist is the fastest and smartest way to sell your car in Malaysia.
No. Our online car valuation is 100% complimentary to all our customers, both new and existing. You are also under no obligation to sell your car with us.
Simply inform our friendly consultants to lock down the price of your car. We will then arrange for a free and non-obligatory viewing to confirm the condition of your vehicle.
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