Traffic Offences in Malaysia: How to Check and Settle Your Traffic 'Samans' Online

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How much do you know about the different types of road traffic summons in Malaysia and where to get them settled? Here, we provide you with a reference guide to what you should know about the road traffic penalty system in Malaysia.

Summons, fines and demerit points are some of a driver’s biggest fear when we’re on the roads. Those pesky PDRM roadblocks keep us on tenterhooks and bring about fear even when we haven’t done anything wrong. 

Paying a fine is also a time-sensitive matter; prior knowledge of what to do and where to go when you receive one can save you from distress and incurrence of late payment penalties. The following are the various fines and how you can check if you incurred any and how you can settle them online.

Note that there are two main authoritative bodies when it comes to vehicular fines. Namely, the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) and Road Transport Department Malaysia (JPJ). When settling a fine, make sure you make your fine payment to the right organisation.

Common Offences


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Speed limits are often broken on Malaysian roads despite the various measures implemented such as speed traps, also known as the Automated Enforcement Systems (AES), which uses sensors and imaging technology to identify road users that violate traffic regulations. The penalty?  

Speed Above Limit (km/h)
Compounded Fine Amount (RM)
Demerit Points
1 to 25
26 to 40

These speed traps are present on many local highways, so think twice before you floor that gas pedal!


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The monetary value of parking fines can differ by state but generally, the offences are the same. These include:

  • Parking outside of designated parking spots
  • Blocking multiple parking spaces by parking incorrectly
  • Damaging surroundings of the parking lot
  • Using expired parking coupons
  • Using tampered parking coupons
  • Parking on sidewalks
  • Parking in the emergency lanes


For reference, most of these offences in Kuala Lumpur carry a compounded RM100 fine as denoted by Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL). Leaving your engine running however when parked, could get you up to a compounded RM250 fine. Be sure to mind where you park your vehicle!

Illegal manoeuvres

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Have you ever missed a turn and got tempted to make an illegal u-turn to save those precious few minutes trying to look for another way to get to your destination? Be prepared for an RM300 fine if a traffic police officer or traffic camera catches you! Here are some illegal manoeuvres and the fines that come with them.


Offence Compounded Fine Amount (RM)
Illegal U-turns 300
Unnecessary use of an emergency lane 300
Cutting traffic queue 300
Ignoring traffic signals and signage
(No Entry, Right Turn Only, Red Light, etc.)
Stopping in yellow boxes 300
Driving in the bus or taxi lane 100
Overtaking from the left lane

In-vehicle Behaviour

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How you and your passengers act in your vehicle can also mean trouble for your wallet. One of the most notorious habits amongst drivers is the use of phones while driving. The Malaysian authorities have cracked down hard on this and offenders may face a hefty RM1000 fine or even jail time if found guilty. 

Drink-driving or driving under the influence of drugs is another societal headache that deservingly carries the harshest punishment on this list, with first-time offenders facing an RM10,000 to RM30,000 fine, jail time, as well as licence suspension. 

Other punishable behaviours include not wearing your seatbelt (inclusive of passengers), which leaves you liable to an RM300 fine.

Not Fixing Vehicle Technical Issues

Please get that signal light fixed! Sticking your hand out the window and giving hand signs to other road users might be good enough for you but it isn’t in the eyes of the authorities. It is common to see drivers delaying or choosing not to get their car defects fixed to save some money. The car still does its job so why should they, right? 

Wrong. The ringgit you try to save will end up in JPJ’s pocket and you will still be demanded to fork out money to get the defect resolved. The usual fine served would amount to RM250 for your lights while out of service car wipers can set you back RM150.

Licences and Road Tax

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You should also ensure that your road tax and drivers’ licence are in check. Driving with an expired licence can lead to an RM150 fine while an expired road tax puts you at risk of an RM3000 fine. The Ministry of Transport (MOT) has recently extended the deadline for you to renew your licences and road tax till the end of 2021, plenty of time for you to get it done and avoid the potential charges.

The Later You Pay, the More You Pay

Most summons and fines have a standardised compounded rate to promote the prompt payment of these charges. From the day you were issued a fine till day 15, you will only need to pay half of the entire amount. Progressively this number rises and you will be required to fork out the full value of the fine. 

For example, getting caught with an expired drivers’ licence will leave you liable to an RM70 fine 1 to 15 days from the date you were charged. From day 16 to day 30, the figure rises to RM120. A hefty RM150 awaits if you make payment in the following 30 days.

Find out how you can renew your drivers’ licence and road tax here.

If you are still stubborn and are avoiding payment, you can be ordered to appear in court and have your vehicle and drivers’ licence blacklisted. You may even be arrested when it comes to unpaid PDRM summons! So be sure to settle your fines punctually.

Check and Settle Your Summons

There are various portals at your disposal when it comes to checking for any incurred summons and making payment for them. 


You can actually check for fines via SMS. Here’s how:

Issuer of Summon
SMS Text Composition
Send to
POLICE <space> SUMMONS <space> Your Car Plate Number or MyKad number
15888 or 32728
JPJ <space> SAMAN <space> Your Car Plate Number or MyKad number

However, you will still need to seek out other ways for payment. 


Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1639450580375 Myeg Homepage

MyEG is a one-stop government e-service platform that provides a variety of services for your convenience. These services do include checking for any incurred fines and settling them at one location. You can also renew your road tax and drivers license on the portal while you’re at it!

JPJ and PDRM Official Websites

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1639450742999 Jpj Summons Enquiry

You can head over to the JPJ or PDRM’s respective websites (depending on which organisation issued you the fine) to check on any pending charges. For JPJ, you will be using their MySIKAP portal to check and make payments while PDRM uses MyBayar for similar purposes.

You should also note that you need to settle any outstanding fines before you can renew your road tax. To avoid accumulating a large bill, make a habit out of resolving your penalties as soon as possible!

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