Is Lowering Your Car A Good Idea?

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Lowering your car is one of the most popular car modifications done in Malaysia. The origins of lowering your car’s suspension to give your car a more aerodynamic, flush-to-floor look are hazy but the most widely accepted lineage would be Japanese Shakotan culture.

Many do it for the aesthetic and frankly, we feel that it does give your car a boost in appearance but it does come with several drawbacks too, such as those highlighted by a recent TikTok trend showing lowered cars struggling to go down ramps without scratching up their bumpers.

Have you ever wondered what exactly are its other benefits and drawbacks? We’ll discuss them below!


Better Handling

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The general handling of lowered vehicles improves due to two reasons. First, the car’s body is closer to the road, lowering its center of gravity. This would mean that the shift of weight in the car when it navigates through bends is lesser. The second reason is that lowering your suspension results in stiffer springs, again resulting in less weight transfer when accelerating or decelerating!

Increased Aerodynamics

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Having a car lowered increases its aerodynamics as there isn’t as much air and wind hitting its wheels and tires. It improves the airflow around the vehicle while in motion and reduces wind drag. There have also been reports that it has subsequently resulted in better fuel efficiency as the car has to exert less energy.


Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1651130283990 Lowering Improves Safety(Photo Credit: Pixabay)

When it comes to lowered vehicles, safety is a stick in the mud as lowering a car does make it safer in some ways but it also does make it less safe in other aspects. Let’s talk about how it boosts safety.

As mentioned, lowered vehicles offer better handling which is of course helpful as it allows you to control your vehicle better. Furthermore, one point that characterizes lowered cars or just cars that are ready-made to be very low and flat is the fact that these cars are very unlikely to tip over, very useful when taking corners with the new speed your lowered car just got.



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Lowered cars offer better handling and you will be able to feel the roads you drive on better. This is a double-edged sword as roads do get uneven and bumpy. Feeling every rock and pebble you drive over isn’t exactly what one would deem a comfortable ride.

Modification Risks

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Some car mods are generally risk-free, but lowering your car is not one of those. Multiple things can go wrong. You might face wheel alignment issues due as your wheel-tire fitment gets adjusted. Different parts might also come into contact with each other causing unnecessary friction and wear, a recipe for disaster.


Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1651131258849 Costs(Photo Credit: Pexels)

I’m not just talking about the cost of lowering your car, but the many other costs that you might incur in your lowered car journey. Fixing the aforementioned modification issues can cost you a pretty penny and so will the cost of maintaining and keeping the lower parts of your car clean and scratch-free especially since it’s much more susceptible to damage now.


All in all the decision to lower your car should lie with what kind of driver you are. If you’re looking for the practical answer, no, lowering your car might not be a good idea. But hey, it does turn your vehicle into a fun and aesthetically pleasing vessel so if that’s what you’re seeking, go for it!

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