Bufori: The Lesser Known Locally-Manufactured Car Brand in Malaysia

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Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1672195927332 Bufori Car Brand Malaysia Featured(Photo Credit: Bufori)
Think local car manufacturers and Proton or Perdua would probably come to mind with many unaware of other brands such as Bufori Motor Car Company.

Originally from Sydney, Australia, the boutique car manufacturer arrived on Malaysian shores in 1994 and has been operating out of Kepong since 1998. 

Prior to their arrival, Bufori have actually had some presence in the Malaysian automotive scene with some of their first car exports from Sydney being destined for Malaysia shores. In 1992, Bufori was actually present at the first Langkawi International Military and Aviation (LIMA) show, with the brand being presented to then prime minister Tun Mahathir, an avid car enthusiast himself.

Bufori opts for a quality over quantity approach, carrying only one car model at the moment—the Bufori Geneva— but their second model, the Bufori CS is in the works. The Geneva is a work of art that shows off an impressive blend of contemporary-classic design cues while featuring modern technology.It simply oozes class akin to a vintage Rolls-Royce or Bentley. 

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1672196043644 Bufori Craftsmanship(Photo Credit: Bufori)

Bufori pride themselves on top-tier craftsmanship and a deep passion for building cars, evident in their work over the past decades. They offer bespoke customisations which ensure that while every product sold is guaranteed to provide refined luxury, no two Buforis are exactly the same. Fancy having a cigar humidor in your car? Bufori has you covered!

Bufori has also provided jobs for Malaysians, with an almost 100-strong workforce that seems to be quite tightly-knit. According to founder, Gerry Khouri, some of the employees have even 'had children who have grown and started working with Bufori'. Now that's what you call a family-like workforce!

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1672196228751 Bufori Final(Photo Credit: Bufori)

Being a luxury brand, the price for a Bufori car is of course, quite extravagant. The kevlar-bodied machine will cost you at least 1.4 million ringgit and there's a wait time. Every car is built-to-order here in Malaysia and Bufori completes anywhere from 20 to 40 cars a year. Their clientele consists of both local and international customers, many coming from the Middle East.

It might not be as accessible as other local car manufacturers for the 'typical' Malaysian but nonetheless, Bufori is a truly Malaysian company that we can all be proud of!

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