Chery Omoda 5 Rear Axle recall nearing completion, JPJ maintains close watch

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The Ministry of Transport (JPJ) is actively monitoring the progress of Chery Malaysia's recall exercise for a potential rear axle issue affecting the Omoda 5 model. As of yesterday, the recall is reported to be 96% complete, with only 25 vehicles remaining to be inspected.

The recall stems from a manufacturing defect involving an improperly calibrated welding machine during production. This issue could potentially lead to rear axle failure, posing a safety risk to drivers. The Ministry initiated contact with Chery Malaysia on May 2nd to ensure a thorough investigation and address any concerns.

Chery Malaysia has been proactive in contacting all 600 potentially affected Omoda 5 owners. The company expects to finalize the recall process by the end of June 2024. It's important to note that Chery maintains they voluntarily arranged a meeting to brief the Ministry on the cause of the issue and the implemented recall process.

This isn't the only recent instance of Chery issuing recalls in Southeast Asia due to welding problems. Similar exercises were conducted in Indonesia for 420 Omoda 5 units and in the Philippines for 90 Tiggo 5X Pro vehicles.

Car owners are advised to check if their Omoda 5 is included in the recall by contacting their nearest Chery service center or visiting the company's official website for more information.