Malaysian Ducati panigale owners rev their way to The Malaysia Book Of Records

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Ducati enthusiasts in Malaysia roared into the record books this weekend at the Panigale Kingdom Mega Gathering. The event, held over the weekend, saw a stunning 310 Ducati Panigale motorcycles gather, shattering the previous record of 150 set in 2011. This impressive feat was documented by the Malaysia Book Of Records, solidifying Malaysia's passion for the iconic Italian brand.

The gathering kicked off at the Ducati KL showroom, where a sea of Panigales awaited. The enthusiastic owners then embarked on a thrilling ride to Nilai Spring, Negeri Sembilan, for their annual gathering. Panigale Kingdom, a group dedicated to Malaysian Ducati lovers, organized the event.

Celebrating More Than Records

Dennis Michael, COO of Ducati Malaysia, commented on the event's significance. He stated that the Panigale Kingdom Mega Gathering was more than just a record-breaker. It was a celebration of the Malaysian spirit of "Malaysia Boleh!" (Malaysia Can!) and a testament to the deep love for Ducati motorcycles in the country. Ducati Malaysia expressed its pride in supporting its passionate local Ducati clubs and owners, both domestically and internationally.

A Gathering of Passion

The event showcased the camaraderie and enthusiasm within the Malaysian Ducati community. The massive gathering of Panigales, a motorcycle known for its sleek design and powerful performance, must have been a breathtaking sight.

Looking to Learn More?

If you're interested in learning more about the Ducati Panigale or the Malaysian Ducati community, here are some helpful resources:

  • Check out the Ducati Malaysia website for information on their latest models and dealerships.
  • Look for online forums or communities dedicated to Ducati motorcycles. You can find discussions specifically about the Panigale model.
  • Search for videos on [YouTube] featuring the Ducati Panigale. You can see the bike in action and hear from passionate owners.

This record-breaking event is a significant moment for Ducati Malaysia and its community. It highlights the enduring popularity of the Panigale and the dedication of Malaysian motorcycle enthusiasts.

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