A nostalgic return: 1985 Proton Saga finds new home at Proton COE

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Car enthusiasts, rejoice! Proton's Centre of Excellence (COE) in Subang Jaya has a new addition to its display area  a pristine 1985 Proton Saga. This significant piece of automotive history holds special meaning, as it was donated by the family of the late Ariffin Hew, one of the very first purchasers of the iconic Saga when it launched in July 1985.

A Legacy Preserved

Ariffin Hew wasn't just an early adopter; he was a passionate car enthusiast. He meticulously maintained his beloved Saga, ensuring its original blue paint job and interior remained in remarkable condition for nearly four decades. Recognizing the car's historical significance, his family made the heartwarming decision to donate it to Proton COE. This ensures the Saga's legacy will be appreciated by car lovers for generations to come.

Proton's COE Welcomes a Piece of History

The Proton COE serves as a treasure trove for the Malaysian carmaker's rich heritage. The 1985 Saga joins other significant models that tell the story of Proton's journey. The car's arrival at the COE coincides with the 39th anniversary of the Saga's debut, making it a particularly special occasion.

A Testament to Malaysian Automotive Excellence

The Proton Saga holds a special place in Malaysian hearts. It marked a significant milestone for the nation's automotive industry, symbolizing the birth of a successful domestic car brand. The meticulously preserved 1985 Saga at the Proton COE serves as a testament to the quality and enduring legacy of this iconic Malaysian car.

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