Malaysia Weekly Petrol Prices: 9 August to 15 September 2021

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Malaysian Weekly Petrol Price Featured
(Photo Credit: The Star)

Check out the latest petrol prices in Malaysia for 2021. The figures provided here reflect the latest retail price for petroleum products across Malaysia.

Current petrol prices are maintained to protect the consumers from global oil price increases.

The government promises to ensure Malaysians' well-being by monitoring the trends of global crude oil prices.

Here’s a summary of the petrol prices from 9 September to 15 September 2021:

Fuel Grades

Current Petrol Prices

Previous Petrol Prices



RM2.73 per litre

RM2.72 per litre



RM2.05 per litre

RM2.05 per litre



RM2.15 per litre RM2.15 per litre RM0

We will be reporting petrol prices every Wednesday. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

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