I would like to ask the procedure and process of selling companys car using motorist? Please list step by step until selling the car and transfer of ownership what are the document needed from our side? What is motorist charges in this selling? how long did it take to sell a car?

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Hi Hamid, you can submit your car details at https://www.motorist.my/sell-car and get a free valuation. Once we get the necessary details, it will be placed on a bidding platform for used car dealers to bid.

We would provide you with the highest offer (T&C applies) and if you are satisfied, you can undergo an inspection by the dealer and the dealer would provide you with the agreed final offer.

After the prices are finalised and if there’s an outstanding loan, it will be settled by the dealer before the car is transferred to the dealer. If loan is cleared and there’s excess then the dealer will pay you the excess amount.

For company cars, the process flow follows the private seller’s requirement. However, there are more documents required when it comes to selling a company car. The forms required consist of company registration forms 9 or 13, 24 and 49, copy of a director’s identification card., an authorized letter by the company for ownership transfer at JPJ, motor disposal resolution letter.

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