I own more than 20 years old car and it has been burning engine oil. Been told to do a full overhaul of engine. Question is how long can an engine last after a complete overhaul?

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Hi Sean, quieter engines like a new car and the power of your engine will be back! A good overhaul can last you for another good 5 to 10 years.

You can read out more here: https://kgcworkshop.com.sg/blog/five-signs-to-know-when-you-need-to-overhaul-your-car-engine-b27.html#:~:text=More%20quieter%20engine%20like%20a,good%205%20to%2010%20years.

and this article : https://kgcworkshop.com.sg/blog/five-signs-to-know-when-you-need-to-overhaul-your-car-engine-b27.html

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