What is other steps once I agreed with the final price bid done by motorist? Other queries: 1) Is there any transfer fee charged to me by motorist or the dealer? 2) Transfer of ownership will be done by owner or dealer (e.g puspakom inspection)? 3) The final price as agreed by owner on live bid will be the final price or still can be adjusted by dealer after they do the inspection?

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Hi there, thank you for your question.
1. There is no transfer fee charged to you by Motorist/ Dealer, it is absolutely free! (our car valuation is free too!) https://www.motorist.my/car-valuation
2. The tsf of ownership would be done by the dealer! (seller to dealer)
3. The final price is still subjected to after the inspection is done by the dealer. Do not worry as it is non-obligatory to sell if you are not satisfied with the pricing!

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