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about 1 month ago

How can we tell how much oil our car is consuming?

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Hi Brad. Thank you for your question. You can calculate the fuel consumption rate by yourself as follows:

1) Fill the tank with fuel completely.

2) Set the car's mileage to 0 or note the starting mileage.

3) Use the car normally and observe the mileage used (it's recommended to use the car for at least 100 km or more).

4) Refuel the car, filling the tank as before (using the same brand and type of fuel). Note the amount of fuel added and the amount paid.

5) Record the total distance driven.

Calculation method:

Take the total distance driven and divide it by the amount of fuel added during the second refueling. For example, if the total distance is 500 km and the fuel added the second time is 30 liters, then 500 km ÷ 30 liters = 16.6 km/liter. This will give you the fuel consumption rate in km/liter.

*This formula works for all types of vehicles.


about 1 month ago