BYD Dolphin First Impression - Could this be your first EV?

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BYD Malaysia has unveiled the all-new BYD Dolphin, expanding its electric vehicle (EV) lineup after the success of the Atto 3. This EV, belonging to BYD's Ocean series, is built on the e-Platform 3.0, featuring the renowned blade batteries known for safety and impressive range.

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The Dolphin's standout feature is its affordability. With prices starting at just RM99,900 for the base model and RM124,900 for the top-tier version, it outshines competitors in brand value, interior features, design, and quality.

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Visually, it's comparable in size to a Volkswagen Golf or Toyota Corolla Yaris, with appealing taillights and color-matching wheels. Its front design might be considered understated by some, but overall, it's an attractive car.

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Inside, the Dolphin offers a matching interior color, which can be a matter of taste. However, the 5-inch digital meter panel might pose visibility challenges for some.

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Driving the Dolphin is the typical EV experience: quiet, responsive, and noise-free. To address safety concerns regarding silent EVs, it emits a chime, which some may find annoying.

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A 12.8-inch swiveling screen dominates the interior, likely offering customizable settings similar to the Atto 3.

In terms of power and range, there are two variants. The Standard range model has a 44.9kWh battery, a single motor with 94hp, and a 340km WLTP range. Charging from 0-100% takes about 45 minutes with a max DC charging rate of 60kW.

The Extended range model features a 60.48kWh battery, a 150kW motor, 201hp, 427km WLTP range, and 0-100km/h in seven seconds. It demonstrated impressive range retention during the test drive.

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Both models have minor issues, such as faint buzzing sounds from door panels in the Standard range model. The Extended Range model offers ventilated seats, ideal for Malaysia's climate.

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Another key difference is the suspension: the Extended Range model has multi-link rear suspension for enhanced comfort and control, while the Standard model uses a classic torsion beam setup.

The BYD Dolphin is a significant step toward wider EV adoption in Malaysia. It's a viable choice for those looking to enter the EV world, and the Extended Range model offers added features and performance worth considering.

**BYD Dolphin Standard Range**

  1. - Motor: 70kW
  2. - Power: 94hp
  3. - Torque: 180Nm
  4. - Battery: 44.9kWh
  5. - Charging: 60kW Max DC Charging
  6. - Suspension: McPherson Strut (Front), Torsion Beam (Rear)
  7. - Price: RM99,900

**BYD Dolphin Extended Range**

  1. - Motor: 150kW Single Motor
  2. - Power: 201hp
  3. - Torque: 310Nm
  4. - Battery: 60.48kWh
  5. - Charging: 80kW Max DC Charging
  6. - Suspension: McPherson Strut (Front), Multi-link (Rear)
  7. - Price: RM124,900

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