Transport Minister Anthony Loke Clears the Air on Window Tint Penalties

Published by on . Updated on 21 Nov 2023

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In a recent parliamentary session, Malaysian Transport Minister Anthony Loke sought to debunk recent reports that hinted at severe penalties for drivers with excessively dark window tints. He unequivocally stated that the penalties for breaching window tint regulations were purely monetary, ranging from RM100 to RM250, and did not involve any court cases.

In his clarification, Minister Loke emphasized that the existing regulations strictly impose fines as the primary punitive measure, with no other legal consequences for offenders. Those in violation of these regulations receive a notice to appear at the Road Transport Department (JPJ) office, where their tinted windows are assessed for compliance. Should the tints fail to meet the stipulated requirements, the individuals are simply requested to remove them. These remarks were made during his address in Parliament, specifically during discussions about the Budget 2024 policy stage.

The current window tint regulations in Malaysia specify that the front windscreen must allow a visible light transmittance of at least 70%, while the front side windows must permit a minimum of 50% light transmission. In contrast, rear side windows and the rear windscreen may have a 0% visible light transmittance.

Minister Loke was addressing a recent news report that had quoted the JPJ warning drivers of potential fines or imprisonment for window tint violations. He categorically clarified that the mention of imprisonment was a general reminder intended for errant drivers who habitually flout traffic regulations.

Loke also highlighted that the decision to establish the 50% light transmittance requirement for rear windows and 70% for the front windscreen was made in 2019 during his initial term as Transport Minister. This revision aimed to address concerns related to Malaysia's sweltering climate.

Moreover, Loke shed light on the fact that fully tinted windows are permitted for VVIPs or ministers due to safety considerations, but only after they secure special approval from the JPJ director general. A committee, chaired by the director general, carefully scrutinizes these applications and forwards the approved list to the minister for endorsement. To gain this special approval for fully tinted windows, applicants are required to pay RM5,000, and the approval remains valid for two years. Individuals with specific health concerns can obtain approval from a doctor without incurring any additional charges.

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