Special Chinese New Year Offer For Ora Good Cat By GWM

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As the Chinese New Year festivities draw near, GWM Malaysia, a global smart technology company, has revealed an exclusive promotion to mark the Year of the Dragon. The promotion provides substantial benefits for customers interested in embracing sustainable transportation, specifically for the Ora Good Cat electric vehicles.

Throughout the Chinese New Year campaign, customers can avail themselves of a significant rebate of up to RM20,000 for the Ora Good Cat, improving affordability and increasing accessibility to electric vehicles. As part of the promotion, GWM Malaysia is also offering a complimentary wall mount charger valued at RM5,500 with every purchase of the Ora Good Cat. This charger contributes to a convenient and efficient charging experience, enhancing the overall ownership journey for electric vehicle users.

The initiative aligns with GWM Malaysia’s dedication to making sustainable and futuristic transportation accessible to a broader audience.

The Chinese New Year promotion remains valid until 29 February, providing customers with ample time to capitalise on the extraordinary savings and benefits offered. GWM Malaysia encourages individuals to seize this opportunity to embrace sustainability and style with the environmentally friendly Ora Good Cat electric vehicles, creating an unforgettable Chinese New Year celebration.

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