Perodua Teams Up With International Automaker To Produce Affordable EVs

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Perodua, a well-known Malaysian car company, has joined forces with an international car partner to create a prototype electric vehicle (EV). This collaboration supports Malaysia's New Industrial Master Plan 2030, with Perodua aiming to be a leader in producing affordable EVs in the country.

As reported by FMT, the mass production of these budget-friendly electric cars is expected to start by the end of 2025. This is a significant move towards more people using electric cars. Perodua is dedicated to helping Malaysia reach its goal of having 1.5 million electric vehicles on the roads by 2040.

The details about the international partner are kept secret, creating excitement about this collaboration. Perodua's focus on affordable EVs aligns with the government's vision to promote sustainable transportation and make Malaysia a leader in electric vehicle technology.

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Zainal Abidin Ahmad, President and CEO of Perodua, stated the company's commitment last November. They aim for electric and hybrid vehicles to make up 20% of total car sales by 2030. The government is offering incentives like tax exemptions and road tax waivers to encourage more people to choose electric vehicles.

As the car industry moves towards more sustainable and eco-friendly options, Perodua's collaboration is a crucial step in advancing electric vehicle technology in Malaysia. Before this, Perodua gave a glimpse of its electric future by sharing its vision through the Electric Motion Online (EMO) concept.

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