Keeping Cool During The Hot Seasons

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Malaysia’s hot and dry season has started with some heat waves happening now. Keeping your car cool during hot seasons is essential to protect both the interior and the engine from excessive heat. In this article, we will discuss some effective methods to help keep your car cool during hot seasons.

Use Sun Shades or Window Visors 

These act as a physical barrier to prevent high-energy waves from heating up your car's interior, reducing the temperature and protecting the dashboard and seats from fading.

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Window Tints

Invest in window tints that are heat reflective. Some tints claim to reject up to 95% UV and heat. Please note that darker tinted windows does not mean higher heat rejection. Some tints can be highly efficient against heat, while still allowing ample amount of light through.

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Blast A/C with Windows Open

At the start of your drive, let the A/C run with windows slightly open to allow hot air to escape, then close them to cool down the car more efficiently.

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Park Smartly 

Whenever possible, park in shaded areas like under trees or at the side of a building. Choose a covered car park when available . Consider the movement of the sun if you'll be parked for several hours.

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Try those Solar-Powered Fan 

These products help to extract trapped hot air in your car, especially when parked under the hot sun.

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Window Curtains 

These can provide additional comfort and block sunlight from various angles, reducing the interior temperature.

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Car Paint 

Your car’s colour makes a big difference. White cars are better at heat reflection than darker coloured cars. If you are purchasing a new car, do keep that in mind.

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Ventilation and Air Conditioning 

Make use of your car's ventilation system, including the air-recirculation option and air conditioning, to keep the air inside cool. Regular checks of the cooling system and ensuring all fluids are at recommended levels can also prevent your car from overheating.

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Check the Battery and Cooling System Regularly 

High temperatures can affect your car's battery life and cooling system efficiency. Regular maintenance checks can prevent these issues.

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Implementing these strategies will help you keep your car cooler during the hot seasons, enhancing your driving experience and preserving the condition of your car's interior and engine.