BMW ix2 EV unleashes 313hp power and 449km range in Malaysia at RM297k

Published by on . Updated on 12 Apr 2024

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Get ready to revolutionize your driving experience as BMW Malaysia opens the order books for the stunning BMW iX2 xDrive30, setting the electric vehicle scene ablaze with its cutting-edge features and electrifying performance.

BMW Malaysia has announced that bookings for the BMW iX2 electric car, which is sold in Malaysia under the xDrive30 moniker, are currently being taken. The iX2 xDrive30 has a starting price of RM282,800. Customers may also choose to pay an extra RM14,200 for the BMW Service and Repair Inclusive package, which comes with a complete five-year warranty and service plan, raising the total cost to RM297,000.

The iX2 xDrive30 has an outstanding powertrain with a dual-motor configuration for all-wheel-drive, producing a powerful 313 horsepower and 494 Nm of torque. This powerful setup speeds the sleek electric crossover from 0 to 100 km/h in only 5.6 seconds, with an electronically limited peak speed of 180 km/h.

A 66.5 kWh battery powers this performance, providing a significant range of up to 449 km according to the WLTP test standard. Recharging is quick and efficient, with DC charging capabilities of up to 130 kW, taking the battery from 10-80% charge in just 29 minutes, as validated by BMW. Furthermore, AC charging at rates of up to 11 kW allows for a complete charge from 0-100% in six hours and 30 minutes. The iX2 xDrive30 delivers a perfect balance of power and economy.

The iX2's interior has 'Veganza' vegan leather upholstery in a variety of combinations, including black M Alcantara with blue contrast stitching, perforated black, perforated Coral Red and black, perforated Atlas Grey and Smoke White combo, and perforated Mocha. The BMW Operating System 9-powered infotainment system features iDrive with Intelligent Personal Assistant and the QuickSelect control system, which is based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). This integration includes a revamped home screen with customisable live widgets for quick access to commonly used features such as BMW Maps. Furthermore, Proactive Care provides the driver with a thorough picture of the vehicle's servicing requirements. 

The iX2's standard driver assistance features include Active Guard Basis, Driving Assistant Plus, and Parking Assistant Plus. Active Guard Basis contains Lane Departure, Front Collision, and Left Turning Warnings with active steering intervention and stopping, speed limit information and anticipating assistance, no-overtaking signal, and Evasion Aid.

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Active Cruise Control, Steering and Lane Control Assistant, Speed Limit Information and Assist, and Lane Departure Warning with active steering intervention are all new features of the Driving Assistant Plus package. In the meanwhile, the Parking Assistant Plus package includes drive and theft recording capabilities in addition to camera and ultrasound-based driver aid with conventional parking view and remote 3D view. The iX2 also has an Attentiveness Assistant.

The BMW iX2 xDrive30 is offered in Malaysia in the following seven exterior color options: Fire Red, M Portimau Blue, Black Sapphire, Alpine White, Skyscraper Grey, and M Brooklyn Grey. A five-year, unlimited mileage guarantee with free scheduled service, an eight-year, 160,000 km battery warranty, access to BMW Service Online, BMW Roadside Assistance, and an accident hotline are all included in the package that buyers of the iX2 will get.

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