The Motorist Guide to JPJeBid online vehicle registration number bidding system

Published by on . Updated on 7 May 2024

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The importance of having a unique license plate number, including the latest plate numbers, stems from the fundamental human drive to express oneself and individuality.

Unlike standard-issued plates that are common and lack feeling, having a custom plate provides opportunities for innovation and standing out on the road. By having the latest plate number, one can display their identity and style more clearly, as well as add a touch of personality to their vehicle. Additionally, having a custom plate can also be an interesting conversation topic and allows one to connect with others who share similar interests in using vehicles as a form of self-expression.

In addition to customisation, special number plates provide a strong sense of distinction and grandeur. Owning a distinguishing plate distinguishes oneself from the crowd, indicating a particular amount of income, success, or social status. In some contexts, the scarcity of a specific plate can elevate its possessor to a prized status symbol, eliciting jealousy and respect from peers. Furthermore, exclusive plates are frequently linked with luxury and exclusivity, which increases their attractiveness to individuals who value status and exclusivity.

The vehicle registration numbers available for bidding are categorized into three distinct groups:

Popular Numbers: These include frequently sought-after digits such as 121, 242, 575, 898, 909, among others.

Attractive Numbers: This category encompasses numbers that hold particular appeal, such as 11, 44, 88, 777, 9999, and similar variations.

Golden Numbers: These are comprised of highly desirable single-digit or low-digit numbers like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and so forth.

What is JPJeBid?

JPJeBid is an online vehicle license plate bidding mechanism established by the Malaysian Road Transport Department. It allows users to bid for several vehicle registration numbers for their vehicles through the Internet. This approach aims to provide a fair and transparent mechanism for allocating unique vehicle registration numbers to interested parties, including those seeking the latest plate numbers.

Users can participate in the bidding process by registering on the JPJeBid website and submitting bids for their preferred vehicle registration numbers throughout the designated bidding period. The highest bidder for a particular plate number is given the privilege to obtain and register that number for their car. This provides users with the opportunity to acquire the desired latest plate numbers or unique plate numbers through a transparent and fair bidding process.

How to register JPJeBid

  1. Visit the JPJ website here: JPJeBid
  2. You will be directed to the main page of the Online Vehicle Registration Number Bidding System.
  3. Choose Malay/English language for your transactions.
  4. Click on Register New.
  5. On the next page, please fill in the requested information.
  6. Enter Category.
  7. Enter Identification Card.
  8. Fill in the provided Captcha.
  9. Click Verify.
  10. Please complete the required information such as: Name/Company Name Email
  11. Verify Email, User ID, Phone Number
  12. Password
  13. Confirm New Password
  14. Once completed, tick the box I agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  15. Click Register.
  16. Congratulations! Your registration is successful.
  17. You will receive a Notification Notice stating: Successful registration. An account verification link will be sent to the user's email and must be confirmed within 24 hours before the JPJeBid account is activated.
  18. Please check the email from JPJeBID Support.
  19. Please follow the instructions provided for activation such as: Click here.
  20. You will receive a Notification Notice stating that your account has been verified. Please log in to access your account!
  21. Click Back.
  22. Please Login as usual.

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How to Bid using JPJeBidEditors%2 Fimages%2 F1712198470562 Untitled+Design+%286%29

Registration Process:

Accessing JPJeBid: Users can visit the JPJeBid website or utilize the mobile application to begin the process.

Language Selection: Upon accessing the main page, users are prompted to choose their preferred language for transactions.

Logging In: Users are required to log in using their User ID and Password.

Captcha Verification: A Captcha is provided to ensure security.

Account Overview: Upon successful login, users are directed to their account's main page.

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Bidding Procedure:

Number Search: Users can search for available vehicle registration numbers based on their preferences.

Selection and Verification: After finding a desired number, users select it and verify bid details such as area, type, start date, and minimum bid.

Payment Processing: Users need to pay a service charge before commencing bidding, agreeing to terms and conditions, selecting payment method, and completing payment information.

Bid Submission: Once payment is confirmed, users can submit their bid for the selected registration number.

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Post-Bidding Actions:

Bid Status Check: Users should regularly monitor their bid status to stay informed.

Adjusting Bids: If necessary, users can raise their bid amounts to improve their chances of securing the desired registration number.

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