The Motorist Guide to affordable parking near Pavilion and KLCC

Published by on . Updated on 7 May 2024

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Kuala Lumpur's City Centre (KLCC) is a shopper's paradise, but parking woes can quickly eat into your shopping spree budget.

Fear not, bargain hunters! This guide explores affordable parking options near KLCC in 2024, helping you keep your wallet happy without sacrificing convenience.

Balancing Convenience and Cost: Suria KLCC Parking

For those who prioritise convenience, Suria KLCC Parking offers a solid option. Directly linked to the KLCC complex, it eliminates the post-shopping scramble for your car. Their tiered rates provide some cost control:

  • First hour (or part thereof): RM5
  • Every subsequent hour: RM4
  • Daily Maximum (5am-5pm): RM17

Avenue K Shopping Mall: Situated just across the road from KLCC, Avenue K offers slightly lower parking rates than Suria KLCC. Expect to pay RM3 per hour on weekdays and a flat RM6 for overnight parking.

Jalan Mayang Parking: This option boasts 150 lots and charges RM4.24 per hour, which might seem steeper initially. However, it comes with a relatively low daily cap of RM12.70, making it potentially economical for extended stays.

Rate Structure    

Distance to Petronas Twin Towers

Suria KLCC (Mall Parking)    
RM5/first hour, RM4/subsequent hours, Daily Max RM17  
All durations  

Directly below (connected via mall)

Avenue K Shopping Mall    
Weekdays: RM3/hour, Overnight: Flat Rate RM6  
Short visits (weekdays)  

Across the road

Jalan Mayang Parking (Open-Air)    
RM4.24/hour, Daily Max RM12.70    
Potentially economical for extended stays  

Short walk (approx. 5-10 min)

Wisma Central    
Sundays & Public Holidays: Flat Rate RM5    
Budget-friendly for shorter stays (weekends)    

Short walk (beside KLCC)

Megan Avenue 2 (Jalan Yap Kwan Seng) (Open-Air)    
Sundays & Public Holidays: Flat Rate RM4    
Budget-friendly for longer stays (weekends)  

Approx. 10-minute walk

Jalan Saloma (Open-Air)    
Varies by time block  
Short-term or extended stays (depending on rates)  

Varies by location (might involve a walk)

KLCC Office Building Parking (Limited Availability)    
Weekday promotions might exist  
Weekday visits (if available)  

Varies by building

Street Parking (Limited Availability)    
Varies by location, typically higher hourly rates    
Short-term parking (if lucky to find a spot)    

Varies by location

Finding Hidden Gems: Cheap Parking Hacks Near Pavilion KL

Wisma Chuang (The Flat Rate Hero): Just a stone's throw away (around 200 meters!), Wisma Chuang boasts a flat rate of RM7 for entry. Ideal for quick shopping sprees or errands.

Street Parking (The Thrifty Thrill): Limited street parking exists around Bukit Bintang, but be prepared for the hunt and potentially higher hourly rates. Ensure you check signage carefully for restrictions and time limits. This option might be best for those comfortable with a bit of a gamble.

Lot 10 (The Value Champion): Take a short walk to Lot 10 and enjoy weekday rates of RM5 for the first 3 hours and RM3 for each subsequent hour. Weekends and public holidays offer a flat RM10 for the first 8 hours, making it a solid choice for longer shopping adventures.

Starhill Gallery (The Weekend Warrior): Directly opposite Pavilion, Starhill Gallery offers budget-friendly weekday parking at RM5 for the first 3 hours. However, their true shine lies in the weekend flat rate of RM10 for 8 hours, perfect for maximizing your retail therapy time.

Rate Structure    

Distance to Pavilion KL

Wisma Chuang (formerly Central Plaza)
Flat Rate: RM7
Short visits, Errands
Short walk (approx. 200 meters)
Street Parking (Limited Availability)
Varies by location, typically higher hourly rates
Short-term parking (if lucky to find a spot)
Varies by location
Lot 10
Weekdays: RM5/first 3 hours, RM3/subsequent hours, Weekends & Public Holidays: RM10 (flat rate) for first 8 hours
Extended stays (weekdays) or weekend shopping trips
Short walk (approx. 5-10 min)

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