Tesla cuts prices on top-selling Models Y & 3; EVs more attainable

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Good news for Malaysian electric vehicle (EV) enthusiasts! Tesla Malaysia has slashed prices for both the Model 3 and Model Y, making these desirable electric cars more accessible.

The price cuts bring down the starting price of the base Model 3 RWD to RM181,000, a significant drop from its previous launch price of RM189,000. Similarly, the Model Y RWD now starts at RM191,000, down from RM199,000. These reductions hold across most variants, making Tesla ownership a more tempting proposition.

Here's a quick breakdown of the revised pricing for Tesla Malaysia's offerings:

  • Model 3 RWD: RM181,000 (previously RM189,000)
  • Model 3 Long Range AWD: RM210,000 (previously RM218,000)
  • Model 3 Performance AWD: RM242,000 (unchanged)
  • Model Y RWD: RM191,000 (previously RM199,000)
  • Model Y Long Range AWD: RM238,000 (previously RM246,000)
  • Model Y Performance AWD: RM280,000 (previously RM288,000)

It's important to remember that fully imported (CBU) electric vehicles in Malaysia currently enjoy tax exemptions until the end of 2025. This translates to no import duty, excise duty, or sales tax, making the overall price of Tesla ownership even more attractive.

With price adjustments and ongoing tax exemptions, Tesla Malaysia has made its vehicles more affordable than ever. Whether you've been dreaming of the sleek Model 3 or the spacious Model Y, this could be the perfect time to make the switch to electric driving.

Visit the Tesla Malaysia website or contact your nearest Tesla showroom to explore the available options and take a Tesla for a test drive. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to join the electric vehicle revolution.

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