ChargeSini powers up Tamara residence, Putrajaya with new EV charging station

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Electric vehicle (EV) owners in Putrajaya rejoice! ChargeSini has officially launched its first residential EV charging station at Tamara Residence.

This marks a significant step towards a more sustainable future for the community.

The new station boasts eight Sangitech AC chargers, each capable of delivering 22 kW of power. Strategically placed across the condominium grounds, from Tower A to Tower D, these chargers ensure easy access for residents in any block.

ChargeSini offers a competitive charging rate of RM0.99 per kWh, making it an attractive option for EV owners. This transparent pricing structure based on energy consumption allows users to budget their charging costs effectively.

The addition of the EV charging station empowers Tamara Residence to embrace a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Residents can now opt for cleaner transportation options, reducing their carbon footprint and contributing to a healthier environment.

If you're an EV owner residing in Tamara Residence or simply visiting the area, ChargeSini's new station provides a convenient and affordable solution for your charging needs. With eight readily available chargers and competitive rates, you can top up your battery with ease.

ChargeSini's commitment to expanding the EV charging network in Malaysia is commendable. This new station at Tamara Residence serves as a testament to their dedication to providing accessible and sustainable charging options for EV drivers throughout the country.

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