Malaysia upgrades IDP: global size, colour standards

Published by on . Updated on 6 May 2024

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Malaysian drivers with international aspirations can rejoice! The Road Transport Department (JPJ) recently announced the introduction of a new International Driving Permit (IDP) that adheres to international regulations outlined in the 1949 Geneva Convention on Road Traffic.

Previously, Malaysian IDPs deviated from the international standard in two key aspects: size and colour. The older IDPs were slightly larger than the designated A6 format (148mm x 105mm) and sported a light yellow cover. While functional, this non-compliance could lead to occasional rejections, as seen in a reported case earlier this year in Japan.

What's New?

The new IDPs will embrace the international standard, ensuring global recognition and a smoother driving experience abroad. Here's what you can expect:

  • Standardized Size: The new IDPs will adopt the A6 format, making them more compact and easier to carry.
  • Universal Colour: The cover will transition to a grey colour, aligning with the international norm.

What to Do if You Have the Old IDP

There's no immediate need to replace your current IDP if it's still valid. However, if you're planning to travel soon or prefer the standardized format for future applications, consider obtaining a new IDP.

How to Apply for a New IDP

The application process for the new IDP likely remains similar to the previous one. You can visit your nearest JPJ office or refer to their official website for details on required documents, fees, and processing times.

The new IDPs represent a positive step towards international harmonization. By adhering to global standards, Malaysian drivers can ensure their IDPs are recognized and accepted worldwide, promoting safer and more convenient cross-border driving experiences.

So, are you planning a trip abroad? Get your new IDP and hit the road with confidence.

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