Tesla V4 Superchargers: Faster charging hits IOI City & Puchong

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Electric vehicle drivers in Malaysia rejoice! Tesla has begun deploying its latest V4 Supercharger hardware in the country. The first two locations to benefit from this upgrade are IOI City Mall in Putrajaya and IOI Mall Puchong, offering faster and more convenient charging for Tesla owners.

While the peak charging rate remains at 250 kW, similar to the existing V3 Superchargers in Malaysia, the V4 brings a key improvement: a longer charging cable. This enhanced flexibility makes it easier to park your Tesla and connect to the charger, improving the overall charging experience.

With a maximum DC charging rate of 250 kW, Tesla claims a Model 3 Long Range can add up to 282 kilometers of range in just 15 minutes at a V4 Supercharger. This significantly reduces charging times, making long-distance travel with your Tesla even more convenient.

The pricing structure for V4 Superchargers in Malaysia remains unchanged. You'll pay RM1.25 per kWh of electricity used for charging. Additionally, an idle fee of RM4 per minute applies if the station is full and your car remains parked after completing charging. This discourages users from occupying spots unnecessarily.

The arrival of V4 Superchargers in Malaysia signifies Tesla's commitment to expanding its charging network and improving the overall EV ownership experience. With faster charging times and a more user-friendly design, V4 paves the way for a future where electric vehicles are even more practical and appealing to drivers.

If you're a Tesla owner in the Putrajaya or Puchong area, be sure to check out the new V4 Superchargers at IOI City Mall and IOI Mall Puchong. Experience the future of EV charging and enjoy faster charging times for your Tesla.

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