Proton sweeps VOTY 2024: S70 wins, Smart #1 excels

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Malaysian carmaker Proton is celebrating a double victory after its latest models, the Proton S70 Flagship X and the smart #1 Brabus, secured prestigious awards at the recent Allianz Vehicle Of The Year (VOTY) 2024 ceremony.

The Proton S70 Flagship X, the company's C-segment sedan launched less than six months ago, impressed the VOTY judges enough to be crowned Sedan of the Year. This award highlights the S70 Flagship X's ability to stand out in a competitive segment, offering exceptional value and impressive engineering.

Adding to Proton's success, the smart #1 Brabus, distributed by Proton subsidiary PRO-NET, clinched the Electric Crossover of the Year award. This win marks a significant step for Proton as they enter the electric vehicle (EV) market, with the smart #1 Brabus paving the way for future Proton EVs, including locally-assembled models.

These VOTY 2024 awards solidify Proton's strategic shift. Partnering with renowned automotive companies like Geely for the S70 Flagship X and introducing innovative models like the smart #1 Brabus demonstrate Proton's commitment to delivering high-quality and technologically advanced vehicles that cater to modern driver preferences.

Proton's success at VOTY 2024 underscores the effectiveness of their new business model. The company's strategic partnerships and focus on introducing competitive and exciting vehicles position them for continued growth and success in the Malaysian automotive industry.

If you're interested in learning more about the award-winning Proton S70 Flagship X or the smart #1 Brabus, be sure to visit a Proton showroom or browse their official website. You can also find news articles and reviews online to delve deeper into the features and specifications of these exciting new models.

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