Three lorry crash on PLUS Highway: use Tapah/Bidor exits

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A fatal accident involving three lorries occurred early this morning on the North-South Expressway near Slim River. The southbound lane is completely blocked due to the collision between a lorry carrying eggs and two fruit lorries. Sadly, the egg lorry driver died in the accident.  Police advise drivers to exit at Tapah, Bidor or Sungkai to avoid the traffic jam caused by the ongoing clean-up work.

Here's a summary of the situation:

  • Location: PLUS highway, Sungkai to Slim River southbound (KM367)
  • Incident: Three-lorry accident
  • Impact: All lanes closed
  • Advised action: Exit at Tapah or Bidor
  • Alternative route: Federal Route 1 (old road)

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We recommend using Waze or a similar navigation app to find the fastest alternative route around the accident scene. Drive cautiously and be patient as traffic congestion eases.

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