FOCM Festival 2024

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The Ferrari Owners Club Malaysia (FOCM) roared into the Malaysian Book of Records this past weekend at their FOCM Festival 2024 held in Kuala Lumpur. The prestigious club shattered the record for the largest gathering of Ferrari cars in the country, with a staggering 297 Ferraris gracing the event.

This impressive feat signifies the thriving Ferrari community in Malaysia and the passion its owners hold for these iconic Italian machines. The gathering brought together a spectacular display of Ferrari's rich heritage, featuring everything from classic models like the 308 GTS and F355 Berlinetta to the cutting-edge marvels of the 458 Italia and the SF90 Stradale.

FOCM president Abu Rizal Bakri and Ital Auto Malaysia executive director Zahir Kelvin Ong proudly received the Malaysia Book of Records recognition. The event undoubtedly served as a celebration of Ferrari's unparalleled design, engineering excellence, and exhilarating performance.

A Gathering of Prancing Horse Passion

The FOCM Festival 2024 wasn't just about breaking records; it was a celebration of the love for Ferraris. The event likely attracted not only Malaysian Ferrari owners but also enthusiasts from neighboring countries. It was an opportunity to admire the stunning collection of Ferraris, share experiences, and forge connections within the Ferrari community.

A Testament to the Allure of Ferrari

The overwhelming turnout at the FOCM Festival is a true testament to the enduring allure of Ferrari. These Italian supercars are more than just high-performance machines; they're coveted objects of desire that represent luxury, speed, and a touch of exclusivity.

A Look Back at Malaysia's Previous Ferrari Record

This record-breaking event wasn't the first time the Ferrari Owners Club Malaysia made headlines. Back in 2010, the club achieved a place in the Malaysia Book of Records for gathering 144 Ferraris, surpassing the previous Asian record of 139 set in Sydney in 2007. This time around, they nearly doubled that number, solidifying their position as a leading Ferrari club in the region.

A Celebration of Automotive Excellence

The FOCM Festival 2024 was a landmark event for Malaysian car enthusiasts. It showcased the pinnacle of automotive design and engineering, brought together passionate owners, and cemented the Ferrari Owners Club Malaysia's reputation as a vibrant and dedicated community.

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