Proton X70 vs Honda CR-V: Malaysia's mid-size SUV showdown

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Looking for a stylish and feature-packed mid-size SUV in Malaysia? The Proton X70 and Honda CR-V are two popular contenders. But with distinct strengths, which one reigns supreme? This comparison guide will help you decide.

The Proton X70 boasts a starting price that undercuts the Honda CR-V. This translates to significant savings, especially for higher trim levels. However, the CR-V partially makes up for it with a more extensive standard features list across trims.

The X70 offers a slightly larger, turbocharged engine, translating to more power. The CR-V counters with a smoother, naturally-aspirated powertrain known for excellent fuel efficiency.

Both SUVs achieve high safety ratings. The CR-V might have a slight edge with its widely praised Honda Sensing suite of driver-assistance features. However, the X70 isn't far behind with its comprehensive safety package.

The X70's cabin boasts a modern design with ample space for passengers and cargo. The CR-V offers a comfortable and familiar Honda interior experience, known for its ergonomics and user-friendliness.

Honda traditionally enjoys stronger resale values compared to Proton. Service costs for the CR-V might be slightly lower due to Honda's wider service network. However, the X70 benefits from longer service intervals and readily available parts.

The choice between the Proton X70 and Honda CR-V depends on your priorities. The X70 shines with its value proposition, power, and modern features. The CR-V excels in fuel efficiency, established resale value, and a proven track record for reliability.

Ultimately, the best way to decide is with a test drive. Experience the driving dynamics, features, and interior comfort of each SUV firsthand. This will help you determine which one best suits your driving style and needs.

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