PDRM collects RM1.3 Million in unpaid summonses at minggu perpaduan event

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The Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) saw significant success in collecting outstanding summonses during the recent Minggu Perpaduan 2024 event held at Angsana Johor Bahru Mall. Over the four-day event, a staggering RM1,318,240 was collected from motorists settling their unpaid fines.

The Ministry of Home Affairs (KDN) highlighted the daily breakdown of collections, showcasing a steady increase throughout the event. Here's a glimpse of the daily figures:

  • Day 1 (May 23): RM194,750
  • Day 2 (May 24): RM227,690
  • Day 3 (May 25): RM449,590
  • Day 4 (May 26): RM446,210

The KDN expressed appreciation to both the PDRM for their initiative and the public for taking responsibility by clearing their dues. This event, along with similar initiatives like the recent Madani event, suggests a potential continuation of the PDRM's policy offering discounts on summonses. This approach appears to be at odds with the stance of the Ministry of Transport, where the Road Transport Department (JPJ) has maintained its position against providing discounts. 

The PDRM's presence at Minggu Perpaduan offered a convenient platform for motorists to settle their outstanding traffic fines. This not only benefits the authorities in revenue collection but also allows individuals to clear their debts and potentially avoid future complications.

For those seeking information on how to check or settle summonses, here are some helpful resources:

The Minggu Perpaduan event proved to be a successful platform for the PDRM to collect a significant amount in unpaid summonses. This initiative, coupled with potential policy continuations, might influence future approaches to traffic fine collection in Malaysia. 

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