Feeling the pinch at the pump? how to cope with rising RON 95 prices in Malaysia

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Malaysians are bracing for a potential RON 95 price increase. While the exact date is yet to be confirmed, analysts predict an adjustment in July or October 2024. This can undoubtedly impact your budget. But fear not, there are ways to navigate these rising fuel costs.

Fuel Efficiency is King:

  • Carpool or commute together: Share rides with colleagues or friends heading in the same direction. This reduces individual fuel consumption.
  • Lighter commutes: Consider cycling, walking, or using e-scooters for short distances. It's good for your health and wallet!
  • Maintain your car: Regular servicing ensures optimal fuel efficiency. Check tire pressure regularly for better mileage.
  • Drive smoothly: Avoid harsh acceleration and sudden braking. Maintain a steady speed for better fuel economy.

Planning Your Trips:

  • Plan errands strategically: Combine errands into one trip to minimize unnecessary driving.
  • Utilize apps: Use navigation apps to find the most fuel-efficient routes and avoid traffic jams that can burn fuel.
  • Fuel station deals: Look for petrol stations offering loyalty programs or discounts.

Alternative Modes of Transport:

  • Public transportation: Explore bus routes, trains, or ride-sharing services for frequent commutes. Monthly passes can offer significant savings.
  • Carpooling apps: Utilize carpooling apps to connect with others heading your way and share fuel costs.

Long-Term Solutions:

  • Consider a fuel-efficient car: If you're due for a change, opting for a fuel-efficient car can save you money in the long run.
  • Explore alternative fuels: While electric vehicles (EVs) might not be accessible to everyone, consider hybrid options that combine electric and gasoline power for better fuel efficiency.

Stay Informed:

  • Monitor fuel prices: Keep an eye on fuel price fluctuations to fill up at the most cost-effective stations.

Remember: Every bit counts. By adopting these tips, you can manage rising RON 95 prices and adapt your driving habits for a more fuel-efficient future.

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