Volvo V60 discontinued in Malaysia

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For fans of stylish and practical wagons, there's some unfortunate news. According to sources, the Volvo V60 is set to be discontinued in Malaysia after the final batch currently available at dealerships is sold out.

This decision likely stems from lower sales figures for wagons compared to SUVs in the Malaysian market. While specific reasons haven't been officially announced, the Volvo V90 wagon also met a similar fate a few years ago.

Limited Stock Remaining

While the V60 is no longer in production, there are still opportunities to get your hands on one.  Dealerships across Malaysia may still have a limited number of V60 wagons in stock. If you're interested, contacting your local Volvo dealership for availability is recommended.

The final batch of Volvo V60s in Malaysia comes exclusively in the Recharge T8 variant, a plug-in hybrid that combines a powerful electric motor with a gasoline engine. This combination delivers both efficiency and performance.

Volvo's Electrified Future

The discontinuation of the V60 reflects Volvo's strategic shift towards electric vehicles. Their focus on SUVs aligns with current market trends in Malaysia. Recently, Volvo Car Malaysia announced plans to introduce the EX30, a compact electric SUV, to the Malaysian market next year.

Should You Consider a Volvo V60?

If you're looking for a spacious, stylish, and practical wagon with a touch of electric performance, the remaining Volvo V60s could be a compelling option. With its comfortable interior, advanced safety features, and powerful plug-in hybrid engine, the V60 offers a unique driving experience. However, if you prioritize the latest electric vehicle technology or prefer the higher seating position of an SUV, you might want to consider other Volvo offerings.

Final Thoughts

The discontinuation of the Volvo V60 marks the end of an era for wagons in the Malaysian market. While enthusiasts might be disappointed, it reflects the evolving automotive landscape and Volvo's commitment to electric vehicles. If you're interested in owning a piece of that legacy, act fast - the remaining Volvo V60s likely won't last long.

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