Petron station at Sungai Buloh closed for maintenance, short closure for Tapah Petronas

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If you're planning a trip north on the PLUS Highway, be sure to factor in petrol station closures at two rest stops:
  • Petron station at Restoran Jejantas Sungai Buloh (northbound) will be closed for a longer period, from today, June 26th, until August 22nd, 2024. This closure is for maintenance works.
  • Petronas station at Tapah R&R (northbound) will have a shorter closure, from 8:00 am today, June 26th, until 8:00 am tomorrow, June 27th, 2024.

Here's what you need to know:

  • For those relying on the Sungai Buloh Petron station, the nearest alternative is the Petronas station at Rawang R&R further up north.
  • The Tapah R&R closure is specifically for the Petronas station, and the rest area itself will remain open.  There's also a Shell station at the Tapah R&R available during the closure.

Planning your trip:

  • Check fuel gauge readings before reaching Sungai Buloh to avoid running low on petrol.
  • Consider filling up at the last available station before Sungai Buloh if you know you won't make it to Rawang.
  • For the Tapah R&R closure, you can utilize the Shell station or plan your fueling stop before or after this location.

Spreading the Word:

Traveling with companions? Share this information to ensure everyone is aware of the closures and can adjust travel plans accordingly.

By planning ahead, you can avoid any unnecessary delays or inconveniences on your northbound PLUS Highway journey.

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