Gentari makes charging more transparent switches to per-kWh billing for EV chargers

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Gentari, a major player in Malaysia's electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, has implemented a new pricing system based on kilowatt-hours (kWh) used. This shift from time-based billing offers greater transparency and potentially fairer costs for EV owners.

Previously, Gentari charged based on the duration a car was plugged in, with separate rates for AC and DC fast chargers. The new system simplifies things by directly reflecting the amount of energy consumed.

Here's a breakdown of the new per-kWh pricing structure:

  • AC Charging:
    • 7 kW: RM0.90 per kWh
    • 11 kW & 22 kW: RM1.05 per kWh
  • DC Fast Charging:
    • Up to 30 kW: RM1.30 per kWh
    • 50 kW - 180 kW: RM1.50 per kWh

This structure offers several advantages:

  • Fairness: Drivers only pay for the energy they use, regardless of how quickly their car charges.
  • Transparency: Costs are easier to predict, allowing drivers to budget for charging expenses.
  • Efficiency: The system incentivizes efficient charging practices, as faster charging typically comes at a higher cost per kWh.

Gentari Still Offers Time-Based Pricing in Limited Locations

It's important to note that Gentari maintains time-based pricing at specific locations, like The Exchange TRX. Here, 22 kW AC chargers are priced at 25 sen per minute.

For the latest information on pricing and charger availability, consult the Gentari Go app.

Is per-kWh billing a good move for Malaysia's EV market?

The switch to per-kWh billing is generally seen as a positive step towards a more mature EV charging ecosystem in Malaysia. It aligns with international practices and empowers drivers to make informed charging decisions.

EV owners are encouraged to familiarize themselves with Gentari's new pricing structure and utilize the Gentari Go app to find suitable charging stations and estimate costs.

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