Bidding on multiple car registration numbers in Malaysia securing your dream plate

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The excitement of getting a new car is amplified by the chance to score a personalized registration number. But what if you have your heart set on a few different options? The good news is, Malaysia's online bidding system allows you to bid on multiple registration numbers simultaneously, each with its own desired bid amount.

Here's a quick guide to navigate the process:

One Application Per Number

The key thing to remember is that you cannot submit a single application for multiple registration numbers with varying bids. Each number requires a separate bid application on the official platform,  JPJeBid. This ensures a fair and organized bidding process.

Multiple Bids, Multiple Chances

By submitting separate applications, you increase your chances of securing a desired registration number. Let's say you're interested in three plates: "SWD 1234," "PJK 5678," and "WMY 9012." You can submit individual bids with different amounts for each, tailoring them to your budget and preference for the specific plate.

Understanding Minimum Bids and Increments

Before bidding, familiarize yourself with the minimum bid amount set for the category of your desired registration number (standard, attractive, etc.). You cannot submit a bid lower than this minimum. Additionally, there are minimum increment values for increasing your bid.

Strategize and Stay Informed

Researching past winning bids for similar registration numbers can help you strategize your own bids. Remember, a higher bid increases your chances of winning, but be mindful of your budget. Stay updated on the bidding process by monitoring the JPJeBid platform regularly.

Winning and Beyond

If your bid is successful, congratulations! You'll be notified and guided through the next steps for claiming your chosen registration number.

Bidding on Multiple Numbers: Key Takeaways

  • Submit separate bid applications for each registration number you desire.
  • Each application can have a unique bid amount tailored to your budget and preference.
  • Be mindful of minimum bid requirements and increment values.
  • Research past bids for similar plates to strategize your bids.

By following these steps, you can navigate the JPJeBid platform effectively and increase your chances of driving away with your dream registration number!

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