How to Sell Your Used Car for More

Published by on . Updated on 3 Mar 2022

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Thinking about selling your car to a second-hand car dealer? Let us tell you how you can get the maximum value out of your vehicle.

Selling your car the old-school way is a long and drawn-out process. On the phone with multiple dealers, getting low-ball offers from them, and going through piles of paperwork – these are the hassles you should be prepared to expect.

But what if we told you that there is a new and easier way to sell off your car? A quick, fuss-free way that guarantees results and the highest selling price possible sans the headache and hassle.

Too good to be true? Well, believe it or not, is here to help you with that.

Our In-house Bidding System Ensures the Best Price for Your Car

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We have partnered with almost 400 certified and reputable used car dealers in Malaysia to help you sell your car at the highest possible price. When you send us your vehicle details, we will put your car up in our in-house bidding system.

This bidding system happens every day, which means we can get back to you with the best offer within one working day. The entire bidding process is kept strictly confidential, so the dealers would not be able to see what the others have bid. Thus, we maintain fair competition among the dealers to ensure you always get the best price for your vehicle.

After a day, we will get back to you with the best offer for your car. That way, you will avoid any troublesome negotiations or ridiculously low offers from dealers.

Your Offer is Valid for 48 hours

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If you want to sleep on our offer and re-consider it, just inform us and we will put your offer on ice for 48 hours. You should not have to make such a big decision right away, neither should you feel obliged to accept our offer. The service we provide is 100% free and non-obligatory, and you are free to back off anytime.

Dealer Viewing and Inspecting your Car

Viewing Inspecting Car(Photo Credit: Pexels)

In order to fully commit to the offer, the dealer with the highest bid has to view and inspect the condition of your car. If your car is in the exact condition as described by you in the bidding process, the dealer will sign off on the agreed upon price. If there is a previously unstated problem found by the dealer, they might lower their offer. Therefore, it is extremely crucial that you fill up your car’s details as accurately and honestly as possible.

After the viewing and inspection, give us a few days to settle the paperwork and outstanding bank loan (if any). Once they are all settled, we will organise a handover date with the dealer.

Payment and Handing Over Your Vehicle

Agreement handshake Payment and Handing Over Your Vehicle(Photo Credit: Pexels)

On the handover date, you just have to drive the car down to the dealership and handover the keys. The payment’s terms and conditions will be negotiated before the handover, so please let us know if you have a preferred method of payment. The transaction would be complete once you have gotten the payment.

Revolutionising the Way Drivers Sell Their Cars


It’s 2019, and technology is changing the way we live, so why can’t it change the way we transact our vehicles? We here at have taken the traditional method of selling cars and thrown it out of the window. With our method, we are finding the best price for anyone looking to sell their cars.

We have successfully transacted over 9,000 vehicles worth over RM500,000,000, with thousands of satisfied users to match. If you still are unconvinced of us, do feel free to drop us a line or email, and we’ll do our utmost best to assist you in the sale of your vehicle.

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