Summons for Drivers Confused Over New Two Hour Parking Lots

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Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1662111230152 Fines For Incorrect Parking Subang Jaya Featured(Photo Credit: MBSJ)

Imagine paying for your parking but still getting a parking ticket. It’s not a nice feeling but that’s what several drivers and riders faced yesterday in Subang Jaya.

Starting yesterday (June 1), the Subang Jaya City Council (MBSJ) began its previously announced two-hour parking limits at lots in the commercial districts under MBSJ’s jurisdiction. This was an attempt to help with parking constraints in these areas, especially during peak hours and the busier seasons.

The active areas are as follows:

  • Bandar Puteri Puchong 
  • SS12 
  • SS15 
  • USJ21 
  • Jalan Kenari 
  • USJ19 (Taipan)
What is two-hour limit parking?

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1662111444689 Twohour Parking New Norm(Photo Credit: MBSJ)

Well, as the name suggests, they are parking lots that allow motorists to park in at lower prices but for only for a maximum of two hours. This would reduce the number of cars parked for longer durations, which means an increase in the likelihood that there will be lots available throughout the day. This was also a move targeted to cater to visitors to the district instead of the workers working in that area.

The rates for the new parking two-hour parking lots are RM0.60 for half an hour and RM1.20 for an hour. These parking bays are identifiable by their orange indicators. Despite this, many are still unaware or choose to ignore the new regulations, paying for parking at normal rates (yellow lots) or overstaying for more than 2 hours. These motorists were slapped with an RM80 fine.

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1662111650025 Online Payment Platforms To Pay(Photo Credit: MBSJ)

Payment for the parking can be made online, on mobile apps such as Touch n Go (e-wallet), Flexi Parking, Smart Selangor Parking, or Flexi Parking.

A system will be implemented to monitor those who parked in these lots to ensure that they abide by the time limits. The system will alert enforcement officers about rule flaunters so it’s really best you don’t try your luck! 

If you insist on parking at these lots throughout the day, ensure you leave a one-hour cooling-off period before re-entering any of the two-hour zones.

MBSJ have also indicated that they will be looking to extend the coverage of this two-hour parking system to more areas so please do get yourselves accustomed to these changes. 

As always, stay safe Motorists!

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