Government Seeking Out Ways to Bring in New EVs

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The Malaysian government is looking at ways to introduce electric vehicles (EVs) that cost below RM100,000 into the local market for the benefit of the Malaysian people.

This was the message delivered by Natural Resources, Environment and Climate Change Minister Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad in a press conference on Wednesday (14 December), citing the fact that current prices of most EVs in the local market are 'beyond the means' of most Malaysians.

The press conference was held after he had officiated the launch ceremony of the Bangi Golf Result EV Charging Station and the handing over of the EV charging system public distribution licence by the Energy Commission.

“…Proton will bring in Geely vehicles in the near future…(but) if we can install the vehicles in Malaysia, maybe it will help us to offer EVs (at a) lower cost,” said Nik Nazmi.

About the distribution licence, Nik Nazmi explains that it was a way to ensure that the installation of EV charging stations is safe and regulated.

"(It is) because this industry is expanding. As a result, we want to ensure that there are regulations and standards that companies that provide charging facilities must follow. We know that if we don't scale up these charging stations, it won't support the expansion of electric vehicles," he states, adding that the ministry hopes that these specified standards would help persuade the public to buy EVs.

Nik Nazmi relates the EV industry's expansion in the country to the Malaysian government's efforts to achieve a low-carbon future and mentions that the ministry would look at ways to improve Budget 2023 or Budget 2024, potentially incorporating incentives in addition to establishing cooperation with automotive companies to introduce more affordable EVs into the local market.

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