Heavy Vehicles Ban During Chinese New Year Period

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Three different categories of heavy vehicles have been identified, with each carrying different levels of restrictions.

The heavy vehicle ban isn't something new here in Malaysia. The expected increase in the number of road users during festive periods would usually see a correlated rise in the number of road traffic accidents. Banning heavy vehicles on strategic days and time periods would minimise this risk while also reducing the forecasted holiday traffic congestion.

Restrictions will be in place this weekend (20-21 January) and next week (24-25 January) but not every heavy vehicle will be limited in the same way. Different types of heavy vehicles have been categorised based on the goods they carry. 

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Category A vehicles will be banned entirely on the mentioned days while Category B and C vehicles will be banned from midnight to 8 am and 6 pm to 6 am respectively. Heavy vehicles in Category C will also have a 25km travel distance limit from their construction sites. 

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