1,233 Fines Dished Out in Sarawak During the Lunar New Year Holidays

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Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1675080098478 Jpj Operations Sarawak Featured(Photo Credit: newsarawaktribune)

The Road Traffic Department (JPJ) inspected 16,425 vehicles in an operation carriedoutin Sarawak during the festive season and dished out 1,233 fines for various offences.

The offences ranged from driving with expired road tax or insurance to on-the-road driving offences such as overtaking at double lines. Some notices were also issued for the drivers' failure to produce their driving licences when requested.

Car drivers racked up the most number of offences with 617 notices issued, followed by motorcyclists at 478. Commercial vehicle drivers were next with 125 notices while 11 notices were issued to bus drivers. 2 notices were dished out to drivers of other types of vehicles.

Additionally, 35 vehicles were seized during the operation, including 6 motorcycles.

“The vehicles seized are 25 motorcycles, seven cars, and three lorries. A total of 125 officers and personnel were involved in the operations across Sarawak,” stated a JPJ spokesperson.

They went on to advise road users to always obey road regulations and emphasized that enforcement operations will continue to ensure compliance with the law.

As always, stay safe Motorists!

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