Infrastructure Improvements to be Implemented to Ease Congestion at Land Checkpoints

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Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1678757452105 Customsjam FeaturedMalaysia has plans to upgrade their two land checkpoints with Singapore. This will ease the congestion to one of the busiest border crossings in the world.

It is estimated that roughly 250,000 cross the border each day, causing lengthy delays and frustration to those making the hop to and from the various checkpoints. To solve some of the issues plaguing commuters, the Malaysian federal government has set aside some RM741.3 million, or S$222 million, to upgrade the Bangunan Sultan Iskandar’s CIQ Complex (BSI) at the Causeway, and the Sultan Abu Bakar Complex (KSAB) at the Second Link.Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1678757457950 CustomsjamRM96.2 million of the budget has already been set aside for improvement works this year, with an additional RM27.7 million used to build an additional 25 bike immigration lanes in either direction. In total, this will add 50% extra capacity to the existing 100M-Bike lanes.

Other planned infrastructure works include the upgrading of the bus passenger hall in KSAB, lorry inspection counters and even new lavatories for travellers. These works will cost a total of RM83.6 million.

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