Places You Might Not Know When You Balik Kampung (Terengganu Edition)

Published by on . Updated on 21 Apr 2023
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Gearing up for the long festive weekend? Need activity recommendations when you are back at your kampung? 

We’ve got you covered, as we have compiled a comprehensive list of truly breathtaking locales that you can visit during this Raya with your family and friends. 

Best of all, you do not have to spend a bomb, or endure sitting for long hours in a plane, as these places are located right here in Malaysia!

Kemaman Blue Lake, Terengganu

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(Photo Credit: @mcdyeh)

Looking for blue waters and breathtaking rock formations? Perhaps a visit to Kemaman Blue Lake in Terengganu is in order.

This lake, which is located in Bukit Ibam, features blue/turquoise waters which complement the rocky sides, and the unobstructed views of the sky above! Some have even claimed that this is comparable to Australia’s own Blue Lake.

Other attractions like a mini zoo are also located nearby, making Kemaman Blue Lake an exceptionally popular destination for families.

Address: 24000, Kemaman, Terengganu

Kenyir Elephant Village, Terengganu

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(Photo Credit: Out of Town Blog)

If you'd like to get closer to wildlife in a safe space, you should pay Kenyir Elephant Village a visit.

Now, calm down if you are an animal lover for this is no zoo. Rather, these are elephants rescued from habitat loss and are housed in this sanctuary.  They are allowed to live in their natural habitat without fear of being poached, and are taken care of by trained professionals.

You can interact with the elephants, observe them doing their daily activities, and even sign up for a supervised ride on them!

Address: 21700 Kuala Berang, Terengganu

Chemerong Waterfall, Terengganu

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(Photo Credit: Malaysia-Asia)

If waterfalls are more of your thing, then Chemerong Waterfall is the place to be! Located just 27 kilometers from the Chemerong Tropical Forest, this 370-meter high natural landscape is a splendorous sight for hikers and adventurers.

The surrounding sceneries are an eclectic mix of hollow trees and one of the biggest known ones of the Chengal variety.

You can hike this area using the Chemerong-Berembun-Langsir track, or CBL track, which is located at Chemerong Forest Reserve. Hikers, regardless of their skill level, are required to hire a guide there due to the perilous conditions, and must pay an RM2.00 entrance fee to the waterfall. 

The management forbids adventurers from hiking the CBL trail during the monsoon season (late October to mid-March), due to heavy rain.

Address: Hutan Simpan Pasir Raja, 23000, Dungun, Terengganu

Little Amazon River
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(Photo Credit: Trip Carte Asia)

Want to experience Amazon River-like vibes without traveling across the world? The Little Amazon should be on your shortlist.

Also known as Sungai Berang, this river plays host to family-friendly kayaking activities! Lush forests, roaming wildlife, and gently moving waters make the kayaking experience a truly memorable one, and it’s even suitable for novice kayak riders!

Address: 21800 Ajil, Terengganu, Malaysia


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