Road Testing of the JAECOO J7 AWD Has Arrived in Malaysia

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Amid the global shift toward electric vehicles and digital innovation, the automotive industry is experiencing an unparalleled expansion across borders. Malaysia has emerged as a pivotal market in this global movement, and at the forefront is JAECOO, a brand affiliated with Chery, strategically designed for international market growth. Its focus lies in delivering appealing products tailored to the refined lifestyle choices of a newly established professional demographic.

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JAECOO is committed to crafting exceptional urban off-road SUVs in the premium segment, aligning precisely with the changing preferences of today’s consumers. Championing a "Born Global" philosophy, the brand aims to excel in the fiercely competitive automotive market by emphasizing global performance and standards.

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The launch of JAECOO is already in progress, marked by the arrival of the initial two units of the right-hand drive JAECOO J7 AWD in Malaysia. Rigorous road testing of these units is underway to ensure peak performance and safety. A sneak preview has been offered to potential dealers and investors, building anticipation for the opening of showrooms. Preliminary marketing efforts are set to generate excitement leading up to the official 2024 launch in the Malaysian market.

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While the global specification boasts a 1.6-liter turbocharged inline-four petrol engine with 194hp and 290Nm of torque, the specifics for Malaysia remain uncertain. The two units in Malaysia are all-wheel drive, unlike the front-wheel-drive models in China.

JAECOO Malaysia has officially launched its Facebook page to keep enthusiasts and potential customers informed. An official website is slated for completion by January 2024, providing comprehensive information. In the interim, customers can explore additional details on the JAECOO Global website.

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JAECOO Malaysia has initiated a dealer recruitment program in preparation for introducing its inaugural model in the upcoming year. As the brand gears up for its official entry into the Malaysian market, it aims to redefine the urban off-road SUV experience by offering cutting-edge technology and an unparalleled travel experience. Keep an eye out for further updates and events from JAECOO Malaysia.

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