Honda CR-V Sixth Generation: Available With An Active Shutter Grille

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Upon the recent launch of the all-new Honda CR-V in Malaysia, a noteworthy feature beyond the body stabilising seats has come to light: the active shutter grille.

Since 2017, Honda has integrated active grille shutters into models such as the Odyssey. This mechanism aims to optimize aerodynamics by employing vents to manage airflow through the grille, directing it to both the cooling system and the engine compartment.

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These active grille shutters are positioned in front of the radiator and comprise motorised vanes capable of adjusting to permit or obstruct airflow. Governed by the car’s engine control module, these vanes can be maneuvered to multiple positions, spanning from fully open to fully closed, in accordance with the cooling air necessities for the condenser and radiator.

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When engine cooling demands airflow, the vents open; conversely, they close when airflow becomes unnecessary. This adaptable configuration significantly diminishes aerodynamic resistance, delivering advantages in terms of fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. With the shutters fully closed, there is a potential 2% decrease in CO2 emissions.

Moreover, the system prioritizes keeping the vanes closed during cold starts, expediting the engine's attainment of its most effective operating temperature and contributing an additional 0.3% improvement in fuel efficiency.

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