Volvo Plans To Complete Its Electric Lineup By 2030 And End Diesel Production

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During Climate Week NYC, Volvo Cars, known for its pioneering role in the automotive industry, announced a definitive step: the complete cessation of diesel-powered model production by early 2024. This resolute stance reaffirms their commitment to transition into a fully electric car manufacturer by 2030. This decisive maneuver firmly places Volvo Cars among the initial traditional automakers to halt diesel production.

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This strategic choice to halt diesel production is in perfect harmony with Volvo Cars’ ambitious transformational agenda, aiming for a comprehensive lineup of electric vehicles (EVs) by 2030 and aspiring to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040. The company has already divested from further development of combustion engines, having sold its shares in Aurobay, the joint venture housing its remaining combustion engine assets in November 2022.

Volvo Cars has been a frontrunner in sustainability efforts since acknowledging the adverse environmental impact of its products as far back as 1972. Recent findings from the United Nations' Global Climate Stocktake reinforce the pressing need for immediate actions to combat climate change.

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The decision to phase out diesel production by early 2024 echoes the rapidly evolving landscape of the automotive industry and the changing preferences of customers. Just four years ago, diesel engines accounted for a significant portion of Volvo Cars’ sales in Europe. However, today, most of the company’s European sales comprise electrified cars, clearly indicating the market's shift in demand and Volvo's dedication to electrification.

As Volvo Cars spearheads a path toward a sustainable future, the move to discontinue diesel production aligns with their mission and contributes to enhancing urban air quality by curbing emissions of pollutants like nitrogen oxide (NOx), commonly associated with diesel engines.

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