10 7-Seater Cars Other Than Alphard or Vellfire Perfect for Your Family (New and Used)

Published by on . Updated on 22 Jan 2024

When it comes to choosing a car for the family, more and more of us are turning to 7-seaters for that extra space and comfort. While the Toyota Alphard and Vellfire have become household names in this category, known for their reliability and a touch of luxury, they're not the only options out there. There's a whole array of fantastic 7-seater cars waiting to be discovered, each with its own set of perks that make family trips a breeze. In this article, we're going to take a look at 10 alternative 7-seaters that are just perfect for family adventures. From sleek designs and cutting-edge safety features to all the little comforts that make a big difference, these cars are about to give the Alphard and Vellfire a run for their money.

Nissan Serena (From RM149,888)

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1705643458048 1705643458048(Photo Credit: NST)

The Nissan Serena is a genuine family companion. With its roomy interior, there's plenty of space for kids, pets, and all the essentials for a family adventure. Safety isn't just a feature; it's a promise, with the Serena boasting advanced systems like lane departure warning and automatic emergency braking to keep your loved ones secure. But it's not all about practicality – the ride is smooth and the cabin quiet, making every journey, long or short, a peaceful experience. The Nissan Serena truly understands the needs of a family, offering comfort, safety, and space in one dependable package.

Mercedes Vito Tourer (From RM342,036.40)

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1705643658814 1705643658814(Photo Credit: AutoDeft)

The Mercedes Vito Tourer shines when it comes to combining luxury with the practicality of a 7-seater. Inside, you'll find the kind of top-notch comfort you'd expect from Mercedes-Benz, with seats that are more like plush armchairs, ensuring everyone stays comfy, no matter how long the trip. =The Vito Tourer looks great too. Its sleek, stylish design makes it more than just a family car. Ideal for families who love a bit of luxury without sacrificing the space and practicality they need.

Toyota Innova (From RM133,880)

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1705643776706 1705643776706(Photo Credit: Toyota)

The Toyota Innova is a reliable and practical choice for families who need a 7-seater that won't let them down. The Innova is known for its solid build and consistent performance, giving you peace of mind on every journey. And when it comes to your wallet, the Innova is a breath of fresh air. It's affordable to buy and won't break the bank in the long run, thanks to its fuel efficiency and low-cost maintenance. Plus, finding spare parts is a breeze. But it's not all about the practicalities. The Innova's spacious and comfy interior means your family road trips are more about joy and less about squishing together. Choosing the Toyota Innova means choosing a smart, family-friendly ride that takes care of the little things, so you can focus on the big adventures.

Maxus G10 (From RM165,888)

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The Maxus G10 is a fantastic pick for families looking for a car that's kind to their wallets and generous in space. It's like walking into a roomy living area, where everyone has their own comfy spot, perfect for those family road trips or just zipping around town. What's really great about the G10 is how it doesn’t pinch your purse. It’s an affordable choice for families who want to stretch their dollar without skimping on roominess. Plus, it's packed with nifty features like the flexible seating, which you can shuffle around to fit everything from sports gear to strollers. The G10 isn’t just another car; it’s a part of the family, ready to take on daily errands or adventurous road trips with ease and comfort.

Kia Carnival (From RM199,840.80)

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1705644294698 1705644294698(Photo Credit: KIA)

The KIA Carnival is a top choice for families, thanks to its modern look and the latest technology. This minivan makes every trip a pleasure. With a design that catches the eye and tech features that keep everyone connected and entertained, it's perfect for today's busy families. But what sets the Carnival apart is its focus on safety. With features like emergency braking and lane-keeping assistance, you can drive with the confidence that your family is well-protected.

Hyundai Staria (From RM179,888)

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1705644352421 1705644352421(Photo Credit: Torque)

This 7-seater isn’t just a car; it’s like a cozy living room on wheels, with large windows that let the world in as you travel. Inside, there’s plenty of room for everyone to stretch out, thanks to smartly arranged seats and generous space. The Staria is packed with features that make driving a breeze and rides enjoyable for everyone, from a user-friendly dashboard to climate control that keeps the whole family happy. It’s more than just a car – it’s a space where family memories are made, effortlessly blending futuristic style with the comforts of home.

Hyundai Grand Starex (Used Only)

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1705901093287 1705901093287(Photo Credit: Hyundai)

The Hyundai Grand Starex really shines when it comes to meeting the needs of big families. Inside, there's tons of room, making those long family trips a lot more comfortable. It's super adaptable too - you can move the seats around to fit whatever your family needs, whether it's more legroom or space for all the backpacks, sports gear, and groceries. And when it comes to keeping your loved ones safe, the Grand Starex has got you covered with some great safety features.

Mazda Biente (Used Only)

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The Mazda Biante stands out in the realm of 7-seater vehicles, not just for its distinctive, eye-catching design, but also for its commitment to fuel efficiency, a feature increasingly valued by environmentally conscious drivers. Known for engineering vehicles that deliver a blend of reliability and spirited performance, Mazda ensures that the Biante is no exception. With its smooth ride, responsive handling, and the brand's signature durability, the Biante is dedicated to quality, offering families an economical, and enjoyable driving experience.

Honda Odyssey (Used Only)

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1705644540429 1705644540429(Photo Credit: Car and Driver)

The Honda Odyssey is another great choice for families, upholding Honda's well-earned reputation for dependability and quality. It's crafted with the needs of a family in mind, offering a ride that’s both comfortable and spacious, and packed with safety features for peace of mind. Inside, you’ll find a cozy and welcoming space with soft seats and easy-to-use controls, ensuring a relaxing journey for everyone. Whether it’s for daily school runs or weekend family outings, the Odyssey has plenty of room for everyone to stretch out. Plus, with safety features like collision warning and lane-keeping assist, you can feel secure knowing your family is well-protected. In short, the Odyssey is a perfect blend of what Honda does best - creating a car that’s great for families, safe, and a pleasure to drive.

Nissan Elgrand (Used Only)

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1705644667992 1705644667992(Photo Credit: Top Gear)

Perfectly blending top-notch features with a comfortable driving experience, the Nissan Elgrand can drive in style. The Elgrand’s engine is robust, ensuring smooth sailing even when the car is packed with family and friends. Inside, you're greeted with a cabin that feels more like a cozy living room, complete with comfortable seating and an entertainment system that turns every drive into an enjoyable journey.