MG's Grand Debut in Malaysia: A Century of Automotive Excellence

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Malaysian drivers are in for a treat as the well-known British car brand, Morris Garages (MG), is about to hit the roads in Malaysia through SAIC Motor Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. To celebrate its 100th anniversary, MG promises an exciting car experience for Malaysians.

With the tagline 'Passion Drives,' MG is getting ready to commemorate its 100 years of making cars in Malaysia. The brand, famous for its British charm, aims to bring advanced technology and a century of driving excitement to Malaysian roads. SAIC Motor Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. will reveal the newest MG models in the country, ensuring a unique car experience.

Established in England in 1924, MG has been more than just a car brand; it has represented youthful excitement, blending tradition and innovation smoothly. With a strong racing history at its core, MG has not only showcased British excellence worldwide but has also made a lasting impact on car history. From the iconic MG 14/28 Super Sports car to the groundbreaking MGB in the 1960s and the embrace of high-performance electric models (EV) in the 21st century, MG has evolved while keeping its racing DNA.

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MG's success is thanks to its dynamic partnership with SAIC Motor, China's largest car manufacturer. Ranked 84th on the Fortune Global 500 company list in 2023, SAIC Motor's collaboration with MG has maintained its legacy and propelled it to new heights. With a global presence in over 90 countries and an impressive volume of 800,000 units in 2023, MG continues to capture the interest of fans worldwide.

Malaysian drivers can anticipate the thrill, fun-to-drive experience, and performance that MG is known for globally. The brand's youthful charm and technological innovation are set to redefine the driving experience in Malaysia. Enthusiasts can stay tuned for launch dates and exclusive opportunities to test drive MG’s outstanding models, embracing the charisma of British motoring on Malaysian roads.

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