The best cars for Valentine’s Day dating

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Guys, if you drive one of these cars for a hopefully hot date on February 14, she might love you more and the two of you could be together forever as lovers, driving everywhere as a loving couple.

After all, your personal appearance, attire, character and accomplishments can only do so much when chasing that gal you have set your sights on. 

It will be even harder to impress the ladies if your looks are in the “ah beng bochup” category (where feeling comfy is far more important than looking cool), your level of natural talent is nowhere near JJ Lin’s, your achievements in life have been unremarkable, and your character is not exactly a Singaporean version of Prince Charming. 

Speaking of royalty, there was a poll once upon a time in Britain which revealed what 2,000 British adults thought about the car in the context of dating. 

One in ten of them believed that a nice car is more important than a good sense of humour, manners or intelligence when it comes to a potential date. In other words, showing up for a date in a nice car could offset or at least overshadow your apparent deficiencies as a gentleman who is not humorous, not courteous, and not very intelligent. 

Almost half of the women polled wanted their date to pick them up in a car, and three-quarters of these ladies said it is important that the car is clean inside and out, with some of them adding that they wouldn’t consider a second date with the same chap if his car was dirty.     

Therefore, whatever car you drive/borrow/rent for that hot date, you should wash it clean and tidy up the cabin, but don’t forget to groom yourself into a presentable state to match your clean car. 

Here is the Motorist list of the best paktor cars for Valentine’s Day:


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Women tend to have a soft spot for soft-tops, which have been unscientifically proven to make them go weak at the knees and then tumble into the topless cabin. 

Blowing women away with a convertible is a breeze - just drop the roof, either just before picking them up or right after they get into the car. 

Folding the roof is an electrical, mechanical ballet which is sure to impress them. Even folding the roof manually, such as in an old-school roadster, will also impress them because it shows that the man is good with his hands. He would score bonus points on the “hands-some” scale if he uses a manual gearbox. 


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Cars with half the usual number of doors (two instead of four) are generally twice as sexy to ladies in love, because such cars are more accessible/comfortable for a couple and automatically discourage a third wheel from coming along for the ride.

The formula is straightforward - two doors for two pax, but if anybody wants/needs to join the twosome, please squeeze past a front seatback and park yourself on the backseat, behind us and never between. 


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The theory here is, no chick can possibly resist a car-toon, especially if it’s driven by a Car-sanova acting cute. 

Automotive cuteness is an art form with wildly different designs, but there are some similar techniques which have consistently managed to elicit “ooh, so cuuute” comments from women, children and even macho men. 

First and foremost, make it relatively tiny - the tinier the car, the cuter it looks, without even trying. Just check out all the loveable little kei-class minicars from Japan and the smallest European superminis. 

Secondly, make the headlights round or oval - such “eyes” are windows to the adorable soul within the seemingly animate creature. Examples include olden Minis, modern MINIs, Fiat 500s and VW Beetles. 

Thirdly, colour it cutely. Pink, for instance, attracts the girls, from Barbie wannabes in America to pretty ah lians in Asia. Baby blue, lemonade yellow, sun-kissed orange and grass green are also attractive to women who see the paintwork world through rose-tinted glasses.   


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Low to the ground, lean and mean, loud and proud, the archetypal supercar is super effective at making womenfolk swoon - from teenage girls who are more familiar with K-pop stars, to mature gals who have seen it all.  

If you have the privilege of driving your date around in a supercar, you are already a superman in the automotive scheme of things, zipping along in the fast lane with “Lois Lane”. 


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The venture-everywhere, tackle-everything vehicle sends a strong signal about a man’s willingness to go to the ends of the earth to please his earth angel, not only on Valentine’s Day but every single day till the end of the road or relationship.   

A proper off-roader with all-wheel drive, all-terrain tyres and all the toughness of a commando is just the ticket for a couple who love to go the distance in their happy life together - on the road or off the beaten path. 

An off-roader is also fantastic In practical paktor terms. It can be driven to almost anywhere, from gritty urban places to dirty rural areas. Its journey won’t be disrupted or interrupted by terrible weather or a horrible disaster. It is ready to set up camp in a romantic setting under the stars/sheets.  

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