Xiaomi SU7 test cars crash following successful launch in China

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Xiaomi’s ambitious first EV, the SU7, was sold out within 24 hours in China - showing the excitement and anticipation towards the car, though news of some test cars crashing are circulated. 

Xiaomi made headlines with the launch of its first electric vehicle, the SU7, which garnered an impressive 88,898 firm orders within just 24 hours. The test drives kicked off in China, attracting massive crowds in 59 stores across 29 cities. To secure their car, customers are required to pay a 5,000 yuan (850 USD) deposit.

Under the hood, the SU7 is produced in collaboration with Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co. (BAIC), a state-owned enterprise. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MITT) revealed that BAIC Off-road Vehicle Co., a subsidiary of BAIC, will assemble the SU7 at Xiaomi's newly constructed plant in Beijing. Interestingly, BAIC holds a significant stake in Mercedes-Benz, owning 9.98% of the German automaker.

Construction of Xiaomi's Beijing plant was completed swiftly, starting in April 2022 and finishing in June the following year. The company applied for the SU7 sales license in November, with trial production commencing in December. While mass production is underway, deliveries are expected to commence by the end of April.

The Beijing plant boasts an annual production capacity of 150,000 vehicles initially, scaling up to 300,000 vehicles in the second phase. Despite not operating at full capacity yet, Xiaomi anticipates producing approximately 100,000 cars in 2024, with potential for more if production lines run smoothly.

With a starting price of 215,900 yuan (29,900 USD), Xiaomi aimed to undercut competitors like Tesla by 30,000 yuan (4,100 USD). The SU7 Max, equipped with an active rear spoiler, offers top-tier specs including AWD with dual motors generating 495 kW (663 hp) and an impressive 800 km CLTC range powered by a 101 kWh Qilin battery from CATL.

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However, the SU7 faced early challenges as videos and images of accidents surfaced on Chinese social media platforms. Some incidents highlighted potential software or hardware issues, including traction control system failures and defective air suspension.

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Despite these setbacks, some users reported positive experiences, noting the SU7's resilience in minor collisions. Nevertheless, these incidents underscore the importance of rigorous testing and development, especially in adverse conditions like winter driving.

Xiaomi's foray into the electric vehicle market signifies a bold step towards diversification, but ongoing challenges highlight the need for continuous improvement and innovation in automotive technology.

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