Michelin Malaysia rolls out future-ready promise; all our tyres are EV-ready

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Michelin Malaysia has affirmed its commitment to the market by ensuring that all tires within its product range are compatible with electric vehicles (EVs). 

This guarantee means that any Michelin tire can be seamlessly used on an EV without encountering any compatibility issues.

Why is this significant? Electric vehicles tend to be heavier compared to traditional internal combustion engine vehicles, resulting in tires experiencing different types of stress. The increased weight necessitates tires that are robust enough to withstand the various forces exerted on them, even when the vehicle is stationary.

Moreover, EVs are known for their stronger acceleration capabilities, which further accelerate tire wear and tear.

As the demand for EVs continues to surge, Michelin has taken proactive steps to reassure the market that their tires have always been EV-ready, leveraging their inherent tire technology to offer the most cost-effective proposition.

This affirmation isn't novel for Michelin; the tire manufacturer boasts a well-established history of excellence in meeting the exacting performance demands of EVs. This includes rolling resistance, long-term durability, load capacity, and quiet operation. Consequently, Michelin's tires deliver to EV owners an ideal blend of performance, resilience, and value for money.

Michelin's impressive performance in 2023 saw its operating income soar to a record-breaking US$3.85 billion. Notably, a significant portion of this, one-third precisely, was allocated towards the research and development of its tires.

In Malaysia, the trend favors Michelin tires measuring 18 inches and larger in the Passenger Cars segment, a preference that has experienced a remarkable doubling in size over the past five years. This surge is attributed to the growing popularity of SUVs in the Malaysian automotive market.

In response to its growing popularity in the Malaysian market, Michelin has significantly expanded its presence, now boasting 211 locations across Malaysia through expanding its Expert Centre and distribution channels. Additionally, the company has reinforced its commitment to the Malaysian motorcycling community by introducing three new models, detailed here. Furthermore, Michelin has diversified its offerings by introducing its Velo range of bicycle tires.

Aligned with Michelin's overarching all-sustainable approach, with People, Profit, and Planet as its guiding principles to be achieved by 2030, the company remains steadfast in ensuring that each product innovation is people-centric, value-creating, and sustainable in 2024.

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